Wood House 01_Cabin Hotel  木屋 01_团结村木屋酒店


木屋 01_团结村木屋酒店
Wood House 01_Cabin Hotel,Zunyi,China
(Dezeen Awards-2019 Architrcture Longlist)
(Dezeen 2019 Top 10 Chinese Architecture Projects)

主创建筑师:曹振宇,合作及驻场团队:沈洪良、蔡玉盈 (曹振宇先生作为创始合伙人在休耕建筑时期主创的项目之一)


The project presents the diversity and contemporaneity of architecture in rural revitalization, exploring a sustainable business philosophy, while highlighting the importance of respecting and preserving local human history and natural ecology.

The buildings use three simple and basic geometric forms, and the 10 cabins are appropriately and compactly arranged at a certain angle, quietly blend into the existing ecological environment, making the building a carrier for feeling nature.

In order to improve construction efficiency and minimize damage to the original rock formations, a combined structural system was adopted for each house using a wood-structured object and an elevated steel platform. The carbonized wood of the facade was manufactured on site with a simple process to reduce cost.The cold exterior contrasts with the warm wood finish of the interior, the guests can feel the warmth of home upon entering, and offers an intimate view to the mountain at the same time.