Wenzhou Kean University Library  温州肯恩大学图书馆竞赛


Wenzhou Kean University Library,Wenzhou,China
(Third Prize 三等奖)

主创及团队:曹振宇、Sven、朱茜琳、王宇扬、Thiru Manickam

2.立方体同样为了避免日照要求,偏向东南角一侧,并稍凸出基座,犹如浮在基座之上,成为整个校区的视觉中心; 图书馆阅览室流线呈螺旋上升,顶层布置了天空阅览室,通高空间和360度景观让此阅览室成就了整个建筑制高点,并提供了无与伦比的空间体验。

The project is located on the central axis of Wenzhou-Kean University and in the center of the campus. Responding to the surrounding environment became a key focus of the design.
The architecture aims to create a continuous and interactive spatial relationship between the library and the campus, making the dynamic and static spatial relationship between the library and the student activity center orderly and full of vitality.
As the library is of great importance in the overall appearance and daily use of the campus, the design includes water features and main roads around the building to create a quiet atmosphere. The entrance and main traffic lines of the building are distributed in a cross shape, providing convenient and direct access and better integration into the campus road network system.
The building is divided into two parts, with the base serving as the student activity center and the cube as the library.
The base is designed with underground public space, which lowers the building height and ensures sufficient sunlight for the student dormitories on the north side. Public shared spaces such as the lecture hall, conference rooms, and exhibition hall are located in the basement of the base, and an outdoor area is developed for easier access. To meet the sunlight requirements of the student dormitories, the cube is located on the southeast corner and slightly protrudes from the base, appearing to float above it and becoming the visual center of the entire campus. The library reading room has a spiral upward flow line and is topped with a sky reading room. The high space and 360-degree view make the reading room the highest point of the entire building and provide an unparalleled spatial experience.