Walk&Talk Pavilion 2020  


Walk&Talk Pavilion 2020 Competition,Azores archipelago,Portugal




结语:互联网在改变我们的沟通方式,同样也在影响各行各业,希望基于“互联网式特征”设计的pavilion能够带来更多互动、沟通和传播,并给Sao Joao广场带去更多活力。

As social media goes viral today, the Internet is changing our lifestyles by bombarding us with fragmented information. In the era of big data and AI, information that is more reliable is readily accessible. To embrace the G5 network, we suggest to tighten up the ties between art and the public via online channels.

Located in different regions, we cannot get the key information about the sites and the lifestyles of local residents, which, however, is crucial for architectural design. When we search for local information online, what we get is often fragmented information. We are therefore caused to think over what information is useful. Based on our reflections, we come up with an approach, which we name it as “Internet characteristics”.
The proposal is inspired by the general first impression of Azores Archipelago generated by the intelligent search engine. The orange-red titled triangle roofs are the distinctive feature of local buildings. The beautiful environment here is decorated with crystal blue sky and ocean,Our proposal highlights the pitch roofs and the relaxed environment, which are the key features generated by search engines. The approach with “Internet characteristics” thus comes into being.
While keeping the pitch roofs, our proposal optimizes the technical structure and adopts the single pitch design to create a larger cantilever eaves, presenting a contemporary building. The proposal reduces the enclosures about the buildings to create an open space that blurs the indoor and outdoor boundary, which not only highlights the open nature of public space but goes well with local climate features. The semi-transparent ceiling with colored polycarbonate panels and the reflective waved stainless panels create the shadow with the wave effect. The space under the roof thus becomes more relaxing and vigorous. An open and easy environment is thus created.
According to the proposal, the pantry bar, the pantry canteer as well as the storage space run parallel on the east side. Under the overhanging eaves are the bar, the canteer and the common area. The furniture will be combined in different ways to serve different activities. The stage is in the west of the canteer area and the common areas. On the stage are two foldable projector doors, which can be hidden during non-projection time. The lighting devices, particularly the stage spotlight, is suggested to be fixed onto the lamp posts along both sides of the stage. Exhibition walls are also designed to attract the audiences, create more exhibition and dialogue opportunities and separate the space in the plaza.

Internet is not only changing the way in which we communicate but all sectors of the society. We hope that the pavilions designed with “Internet characteristics” approach could create more opportunities for interactions, communications and promotions, thus invigorating the Sao Joao plaza.