Shibei Hi-Tech Park  上海市北高新技术产业园


Shibei Hi-Tech Park,Shanghai,China
(2014 WAF Best Future Office Shortlist)

主创及团队:陈敏英、曹振宇、Adrian Gamma、Aleksandra Barbara

建筑南北立面顺应建筑体量上的虚实关系,采用简洁强烈的虚实对比的形式,让整体更为有机统一;东西立面采用double façade,外层为再生砖网格立面,环保生态也可减少西晒。

The project aims to create an ecological and more open office community that integrates with the surrounding environment, adapts to and follows future office trends with larger, more flexible single-floor spaces and more diverse and ecologically natural office spaces. The project combines rooftop platform greening and central natural greening to create a model for the future office community.
The project is a multi-functional comprehensive format, with commercial functions arranged along the street on the ground floor, entertainment and exhibition art spaces to the north and west along the river, and a Soho tower to the east. To meet the demands of constantly updating metabolic business needs in the future, the project also provides various more flexible combinations of functions.
The building is arranged in a courtyard style, with the main mass placed around the periphery of the site in a south-low and north-high relationship that conforms to sunlight, allowing the office space to have sufficient light and unobstructed views.
The larger central public green park is not only the center of the office area, but also the green visual center of the community's ecological environment, providing a comfortable ecological park for the community while also providing a place for recreation and entertainment for surrounding residents.
The south and north facades of the building conform to the virtual and real relationship of the building mass, adopting a simple and strong virtual and real contrast form to make the overall design more organic and unified. The east and west facades use a double facade, with the outer layer being a regenerative brick mesh facade that is environmentally friendly and reduces western sunlight.