Shanghai International School Renovation  上海万科总部改建国际学校


International School Renovation Of Vanke Headquarters,Shanghai,China



The project aimed to convert an existing office building into an international school by overcoming the site's limitations due to its small size, rationalizing the building's layout and functions, creating diverse, comfortable, and sustainable spaces, while retaining the original appearance and equipment with minimal modifications.
The renovation followed a design approach that leveraged the site's qualities and characteristics and focused on optimizing the circulation and enhancing the space's features while creating a unique identity for the school. The existing roof with excellent soil cover was repurposed as a teaching and activity roof, and the underground parking was transformed into educational and additional activity space connected to the first-floor public lobby. The three parts were seamlessly integrated and connected by vertical public traffic circulation, expanding and enriching the public activity space and resolving the problem of insufficient public space due to the site's small size.
The functional layout was based on the principle of separating quiet and active areas, with classrooms located on the south side of the public lobby and educational and office spaces on the north side. The facade was predominantly preserved, with modifications made to the glass curtain walls in the teaching area to suit the needs of primary and secondary school students by increasing the window size.
The east side of the site was converted into a sports and activity area, while the south side was transformed into a still water surface for teaching purposes. The north side was designed as a runway and logistics service circulation.