Nanjing Sales Gallery  南京中冶售楼艺术中心


Nanjing Sales Gallery,Nanjing,China

主创及团队:曹振宇、陈敏英、朱茜琳、王宇扬、Adrian Gamma、左雨晨


The building aims to respond to the surrounding historical and cultural architecture in a low-key manner, using purposeful architectural methods to create a stable external structure that blends into the surrounding nature. At the same time, the building creates an unusual and uplifting spatial experience through the use of elevated ground floors and minimized upper volumes.
The retreat of the building's lower space creates a light and floating feeling, and the second floor's cantilever provides ample exhibition space. The core of the building is a vertical transportation flow space, with sustainable green vegetation walls that allow external light to indirectly penetrate the building interior through the top floor. From the bottom to the top, the light becomes brighter and the surrounding landscape becomes more visible, creating a positive and uplifting atmosphere. Standing on the roof and looking out at the Lion Mountain and Yuejiang Tower, one's mood is lifted.
The roof features a shallow pool located on top of the main exhibition hall, with the vast sky and surrounding scenery reflected in the pool's surface. The ripples of the water reflect sunlight onto the sloping ceiling of the visitor area beside the pool, creating a rare and peaceful atmosphere at this height. The viewing platform is located on the south side of the roof, where visitors can enjoy the beautiful scenery of Lion Mountain and Yuejiang Tower.