Huludao Green Eco-Park  葫芦岛生态园


Huludao Green Eco-Park,Huludao,China

主创及团队:曹振宇、陈宣儒、沈洪良 项目策划:许晖


The project is based on the unique wetland landscape resources found on the site, in addition to a non-polluting, low-emission organic agriculture industry and unique, creative recreational facilities—all of which enable the construction of an ecological and cultural tourism base.
The ecological theme is a central aspect of this plan, emphasising the wetland landscape and using the island as the ideal planning image. The waterway network and the Ecological Green Island are planned aspects; we combine the waterfront, agricultural, hilly and other functional or recreational landscapes for people to experience different ecological landscapes while maintaining a unified, organic, high quality ecological experience.
The water islands in the existing wetlands have a unique character and charm; this project aims to protect the existing ecology by maximally maintaining the existing wetlands and water islands;we use the water network in place of the road network to design unique green islands, and give each island a different character.Through the same ecological thematic idea, the islands are sorted into organically and closely related ecological tribes.
In terms of land function, apart from the commercial and residential plots in the northwest corner, this masterplan comprises an ecological wetland landscape area, a commercial area and an ecological agricultural area. Through the organic tandem of the water and pedestrian networks, a rich landscape and cultural experience of the tribe is formed, and the external publicity and education industry play a crucial part in enhancing its quality and influence.