Bamiyan Cultural Center  巴米扬文化中心竞赛


Bamiyan Cultural Centre Competition,Bamiyan,Afghanistan


利用现有基地一边高一边低的现状条件,我们将基地一分为二,重新定义为 “过去”和“未来”。主楼被隐藏在基地较居中的高差边界位置,当来访者从南侧(基地高侧)步行进入场地,途经以碎石满铺的“记忆沙场”,站立在入口处的平台上,俯瞰整片绿色树冠的“未来”希望场景,也就进入了从过去到未来的感受之旅。

"I just wanted to live with my family in one place and go to school. I have dreams, but I also want a peaceful life."
Recalled Fawzia Koofi, an Afghan Tajik women's rights activist and politician who ran for the Afghan presidential elections in 2014. The war forced her to flee from her normal life, and for many Afghans, the war has taken away their homes and left them lost, displaced, and struggling with the departure from their traditional religious beliefs and culture.
Therefore, constructing a cultural center in present-day Afghanistan must not only meet basic functional needs but also respond to the spiritual needs of the local people through a space that inspires and uplifts. The project aims to create such a space, including a "Memory Space" that represents the past, a "Living Space" that represents the present, and a "Dream Space" that represents a better future.
By taking advantage of the site's existing high-low terrain condition, the site is divided into "Past" and "Future." The main building is hidden in the middle of the site's high-low border. Visitors entering from the south side (the high side of the site) will pass through a "Memory Sand-battlefield" filled with gravel, stand on the entrance platform, and look out over the green treetops of the "Future" hope scene, thus embarking on a journey from the past to the future.
The building consists of three parts: Memory Space, Living Space, and Dream Space, which run through the entire site and are connected by a passage that traverses the past and the future. Through this passage, the building showcases the transition from darkness to light, from light to color, from color to openness, and we hope that the new Bamiyan Cultural Center will not only be a place for people to gather, communicate and celebrate, but also a place for healing wounds and soothing souls.
This project is not just about creating a physical structure but also about responding to the needs of the local people and providing them with a space that inspires and uplifts.