Wood House 2_Cabin Book Bar  木屋 02_深圳市聚龙山生态公园木屋书吧


木屋 02_深圳市聚龙山生态公园木屋书吧
Wood House 02_Cabin Book Bar Of Julong Mountain Eco-Park,Shenzhen,China


聚龙山生态公园位于坪山与坑梓交界处,青松西路以北,锦绣中路以南。以“绿龙之园”为公园的规划理念,遵循 “龙文化”的人文轴线与“乡土多样性”的自然轴线,结合时空范畴,演化成为“绿龙理念”。




Our design was inspired by the existing trees and green on the site, and we gave the name "Tree Space" to the cabin book bar. The "trees", as the name suggests, are approximately six large trees in the center of the site's large lawn. The design aims to preserve the soil and water and integrate into the environment, and the massings are scattered among the trees, naturally derived and interactive with them. "The "Space" in this project is also the gap between the trees, which is a natural habitat with a natural quality and can form an effective interaction and symbiosis with the environment.Also it is a natural habitat with a natural temperament that can effectively interact and symbiosis with the environment. The building form is arranged with classic geometric elements, and is entered through the approach from the original corridor site of the park, and the small square-shaped room at the entrance is a resting and recreational area, which can also be a meditation space. The majority of the functional areas are floor-to-ceiling glass doors and windows facing the surrounding lawn, where visitors and children can enjoy a light meal and tea, and enjoy the view of the playful visitors and children on the lawn quietly ; at the same time, the floor-to-ceiling glass also naturally forms a large picture window, while the warm atmosphere of the interior spills out of the window at nightfall, attracting park visitors to enter in. Reading area of the book bar is the core area of the project, created with the iconic triangle element, which is distinctive and at the same time hidden among the trees, providing a green view and a quiet corner for readers different from the lawn activity area.

The facade of the book bar is made of burnt fir wood, which is weather-resistant and blends with the dark roof of the surrounding corridor, allowing for a harmonious appearance of the old and new buildings. The interior decoration is directly made of warm polywood as the finished surface, without additional wood finish decoration, which controls the cost and simplifies the decoration, but also highlights the cultural quality and spiritual connotation of the book bar with the original wood.

The word "Tree Space" means to live in the nature and to be in the environment of the site. The design always revolves around several important and large trees on the site, and several important functional modules are scattered among the trees to form more interaction with them and better integrate into the trees and grow with them.