The Songdo Library Competition  韩国松岛图书馆国际竞赛提案


Internation Design Competition Proposal For SONGDO Library ,S.Korea



Songdo New City, the gateway to Northeast Asia, is located in the Incheon Free Economic Zone with convenient transportation by land, sea, and air, and is the world's first new maritime city designed and planned as an international business district with sustainable, green, and low-carbon development as its urban development tenet, as well as one of the pilot cities of "Green Urbanism".By learning about the background of Songdo, priority is given to the metropolitan elements of urban texture, public space, and green freedom, which are integrated into the design made to stimulate, liven up, and enrich the daily life of citizens while injecting more vigour to the library.
The design concept of the building is a beacon of books, which has two meanings. First, the beacon is in memory of the “sea,” from which Songdo International City was reclaimed in the hope of guiding the city in becoming a model of sustainable and green development through better integration of the communities in the city and more environment-friendly concepts. Second, even with the development of the Internet, we believe that the most important basic values of a library are always the acquisition of knowledge, improvement of perception, and increase of demand for social contact. Based on these, a huge skyline that serves as a reading space is built and filled with sunlight. As a library in function, it is also expected to be a beacon of knowledge in our hearts, which can arouse yearning and make us feel joyful and inspired.
The library is properly divided into two functional zones: (1) for stacks and reading and (2) for education and logistics, which are mainly hosted in the southern and northern parts of the building, respectively. The two parts are connected at two elevations: (1) through an underground channel to the exhibition and public spaces and (2) on the 2nd floor to the office and logistics zone. Stacks are categorically distributed by categories in the reading zones, and the bookshelf zones are kept open.