Penthouse Renovation Of GWMF  台州顶层公寓改造


Penthouse Renovation Of GWMF,Taizhou City,China






It has been 30 years since the rise of commercial housing in the 1990s. From economy to improvement type, people's living conditions and hardware quality, etc. are also advancing with the times.

The project is a typical high-rise frame-shear wall structure, with a dense column network and low floor heights that bring many restrictions for renovation; at the same time, the project is an atypical top-floor penthouse model, and includes a rooftop, a outdoor pool and several large outdoor terraces, which brings flexibility for renovation, so it is a combination of typical and atypical.

The project presents both typical and atypical features of contemporary high-rise housing, improving the comfort of living functions and spaces, while exploring the feasibility of adapting housing to the times.