Nanshilou Renewal Project  南市楼更新项目


Nanshilou Renewal Project,Nanjing City,China


项目通过重塑屋面形式,形成了一个开放的休闲多功能半室外露台,站在上面环视周围的古城和远处的大楼,连通当下与过去, 直接呈现了南京的城市多元融合的场景。同时,我们在有限的建筑面积内,通过新的运营模式,拓展出了更多的公共空间系统,融入传统的当地文化展览,时尚的餐厅酒吧以及天台多功能露台,有效联系了周边客群,吸引到更多青年入住,进一步激发建筑使用效能的同时以更高的性价比为青年客群提供更好的服务,让青年成为连通城市的媒介。

By reshaping the roof form, an open and multifunctional semi-outdoor terrace is created, from which people can look around the ancient city and the new buildings in a distance. This scene connects the present with the past, and directly presents the diverse and integrated scene of Nanjing.Also, we have broken through the limitation of floor area and expanded the public area through a new operation model.It integrates traditional local cultural exhibitions, a fashionable restaurant and bar and a multi-functional rooftop terrace, which effectively connects the surrounding clientele and attracts more young people to stay in the hotel and further stimulate the efficiency of the building, and at the same time provide better services to the young people with higher cost performance, so as to let the young people become the medium to connect with the city 。