Gyeongsangbuk-do New Agricultural Resources Management Institute  韩国庆尚北道新农业资源管理研究所


Gyeongsangbuk-do New Agricultural Resources Management Institute,S.Koren
(Runner-up Winner-优胜奖)





Seeds foster the hope of life.

For humans, seeds are comparable to Pandora’s Box, which has been opened since the first conscious seed was sown, resulting in a long line of unforeseeable changes. Our ancestors gained control of the food supply after they started farming for a living instead of hunting and gathering, thereby advancing toward modern civilisation.
The study of seed management has become increasingly important in modern agriculture, contributing to the world’s sustainable and high-quality agricultural development.

This building was designed using the “Ring of Seeds” concept. First, the arc-shaped building, which is mainly used as a storage, forms a closed loop with the office building at the front end, which is consistent with the seed management and production process (including sorting, picking, storing, sowing, harvesting and threshing). Thus, the streamline of seed production management and the most serious problem in the management institute can be addressed. Furthermore, the meanings of steadily accumulating and life breeding are implied in its storage function and arc shape, representing the ring of life. Second, a complete space is reserved inside the ring to establish an open public leisure green space for employees and citizens of the surrounding community by paving the way for the streamlining of production management outside the ring. Green is a colour symbol of life and hope. The concentrated and higher-quality green space designed in “Ring of Seeds” reflects a sustainable green concept. Finally, the management research institute is listed as a practice base for the course of science teaching for primary and secondary school students, allowing them to visit the production management and research process of seeds. We are expected to cultivate more seeds of hope among young people in this manner.