Canteen Restaurant Of Rongyi Middle School  茸一中学食堂餐厅室内更新改造设计


Canteen Restaurant Of Rongyi Middle School


民以食为天,它象征着人类赖以生存的天和地,从而引出概念 FOOD HUB(食社中心),餐厅连同图书馆一同形成学校的物理和精神粮食中心,同时融入进当代校园交流学习以及休闲轻松的理念趋势,更好的满足和服务师生;另外,设计结合食物主要颜色概念(绿色和红色),并进行年轻化及流行色系化,丰富空间气氛,唤醒食堂餐厅休闲交流的性能。

With the deepening of Shanghai's urban renewal, it has entered a new stage of "organic renewal" characterized by reflecting the requirements of the new era, carrying new contents, attaching importance to new heritage, meeting new needs and adopting new methods, paying more attention to urban functions and spatial quality, historical heritage and charm shaping, and promoting the intensive and compact, functional, low-carbon and efficient use of space. It is also in this context that the software and hardware renewal of Rongyi Middle School is focused on promoting the renovation and upgrading of the campus public space with limited funds to stimulate and explore more flexibility, socialization, creativity, compounding and fun of the campus public space.
It symbolizes the sky and the earth on which human beings live, thus leading to the concept Food Hub, which together with the library forms the physical and spiritual ‘’food center‘’of the school, and at the same time integrates into the contemporary trend of campus communication and learning as well as the concept of leisure and relaxation to better satisfy and serve students and teachers; In addition, the design combines the concept of green and red, the main colors of food, with a rejuvenating and popular color scheme to enrich the atmosphere of the space and awaken the performance of casual communication in the canteen.